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Jody Boucher

Software Engineer



I am a software developer with experience serving both the private and public sectors. I am passionate about technology and crafting simple solutions to complex challenges. I believe in writing code that is clean, clear and deliberate.

Professional Experience

2015 - present
Software Developer
Latitude42 Technology Solutions

Created web apps/sites and implemented back end enhancements for clients.

  • Worked with clients to understand needs and goals, evaluate requirements and determine appropriate solution.
  • Evaluated and determined the most suitable technology stacks based on appropriateness for client and project.
  • Architected infrastructure and software foundations for projects.
  • Designed and implemented database schemas for persistent storage of application data.
  • Coded/tested/deployed front and back-end software per project needs.
1998 - 2015
NTT Data Americas (formerly Keane, Inc.)

Client: New York State Office of Mental Health
Created applications for the finance group to simplify management of financial data.

  • A web application with internal and external facing components to automatically notify providers of changes to reimbursement rates and provide online access to rate change and supporting documentation.
  • Multiple web applications providing a simple workflow style interface encapsulating the complex rules, calculations and checkpoints necessary to modify Medicaid reimbursement rates of health providers.
  • A web application to evaluate competing registration requests using a complex set of rules and to maintain an accounting of current and historical registration data.
  • A client application similar to a personal income tax program used by mental health providers to simplify data entry and submission of quarterly and annual financial information to the state.

Responsibilities included:

  • Defined software architecture based on system requirements.
  • Designed and developed core software components to handle common functionality including security, logging, exception management and validation.
  • Actively involved in the design and implementation of system frameworks, business components, data access components and cross functional components.
  • Actively involved in the design and implementation of user interface components with focus on cross-browser compatibility and progressive enhancement of UI functionality.
  • Designed and implemented data schemas and complex database procedures, application services and browser-based user interfaces using web standard technologies.
  • Performed performance analysis and tuning of application code, database queries and procedural code.
  • Designed and implemented automated build and deployment environment.
  • Developed test cases, unit tests, integration tests and debugging of components in all layers of systems.

Client: GE Plastics
Large scale implementation and customization of Pivotal customer relationship management system including a highly specialized pricing module.

  • Designed and constructed all data loads into the Pivotal system.
  • Designed and constructed interfaces between Oracle-based systems and Pivotal (SQL Server based) system with focus on ensuring data integrity.
  • Resolved database design issues and designed interim database to house all data requiring scrubbing and validation before loading into Pivotal system.
  • Assisted vendor on system design changes, implementation and troubleshooting of Pivotal agents.
  • Performance tuned servers, network and application; assisted with server configuration.

Client: Publishers Research Group
Implementation of the Pivotal customer relationship management system.

  • Gathered and analyzed requirements.
  • Designed Pivotal solution and customized the Pivotal system according to design requirements.
  • Created reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Set up, configured and maintained MS SQL Server and MS Exchange servers.

Client: Berkshire Health Systems
Migrate existing billing system functions and medical reports to SMS Allegra platform.

  • Analyzed and modified DEC BASIC programs to support upgrade to SMS Allegra.
  • Analyzed, coded and tested programs, interfaces and report components necessary for the migration effort.
1996 - 1998
GE Fanuc Automation

Worked directly with customers to design and develop custom industrial automation solutions.

  • Prepared proposals and specifications for customer projects in a manufacturing environment.
  • Developed custom applications based on specifications and time commitments.
  • Demonstrated and supported product / project capabilities to customers.
  • Provided telephone and on-site technical support to customers in the areas of software functionality and problem resolution, operating system usage, application programming interface issues, and hardware / software interface issues.


Mechanical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute